Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Greensboro Police Department (GPD) web- page. It is my honor to serve as the Chief of Police within the community of Greensboro and to lead the men and women of this department. Our main priority is providing the safest environment for our residents to live, our commuters to work in and our visitors to stay in. 

As we face economic times, the need for strong, viable partnership between the GPD and our community is more important than ever. We recognize that a safe city with a high quality of life can only be achieved through a strong and active partnership between the Police Officers and the members of the community. We welcome your ideas, time, and talents in helping us advance such partnership. 

Policing in the 21st century has dramatically changed and the movement towards technology and better Police practices has increased throughout the country. The Greensboro Police Department is dedicated to reaching the highest standards of professionalism through policies, procedures, training and technology. 

Thank you for visiting the Greensboro Police Department website. I look forward to working with you to keep Greensboro a great place to live, work and play. If you have any questions, comments about the Greensboro Police Department, please feel free to contact me via email or at 706-453-7555. 

Rodricus Monford Sr. 
Chief of Police 

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Tommy Nelson Sr.

As the assistant Chief I provide leadership and management oversight for the day to day operations of the Greensboro Police Department. My duties also include assisting the Police Chief in short- and long-range planning of department programs, activities and in research and development of departmental policies.


Tommy Nelson Sr.
Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 19

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Major Raleigh Callaway

The mission of the Greensboro Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is to conduct thorough and professional investigations of violations of criminal laws. While a majority of the offenses investigated come from initial investigation by the Patrol division, The Criminal Investigation division will frequently conduct their own investigations based upon information received from various sources.

The Division also operates as an internal affairs unit when the Chief of Police directs an investigation based upon complaints of misconduct lodged by a member of the public or another officer, additionally, the division conducts background investigations for perspective employees of the Greensboro Police Department.

For information regarding your case or other investigation purposes contact us at (706) 453-7555


Investigative Division

Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 12

Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 13

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Letravis Baugh

The Uniform Commander has the responsibility of providing police services to the public. In addition to providing a police response to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, the Uniform Commander also is responsible for protecting life and property by providing proactive patrols. The Commander also oversees incident and accident reports, handling traffic assignments, and special details.


Letravis Baugh
Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 15

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Cedric Thornton

Through communication with the administration, the training Officer is able to identify the training needs and map out development plans for the organization. Through learning and professional development each staff member is equipped with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out their work activities effectively. In addition to ensuring each Officer receives statutory required training as outlined by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the Training & Development Officer also presents Crime prevention and other community related topics to the community. 


Cedric Thornton
Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 18

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Sgt. Tyrone Janes

The Greensboro Police Department K-9 unit is a versatile section of the Uniform Patrol Division. Because of their superior senses of smell, hearing and physical capabilities, the Greensboro Police Department Canine is a valuable supplement to their human counterparts. K-9 unit routinely conduct a vast range of tasks such as:
      -Narcotics searches
      -Evidence searches
      -Tracking dangerous criminals fleeing from officers
      -Search and rescue operations for lost or elderly persons

The K-9 unit is often requested in assisting other law enforcement agencies. The K-9 unit is available to perform demonstrations and presentations for schools as well as other civic organizations. 


Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 11

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School Resource Officers

Don Gause, Tampa Lewis, Celine Andrews, and Jonathan Thomas


The school resource Officer program is a collaborative effort by certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence, and provide a safe school environment. School resource Officers engage in three types of activity: law enforcement, counseling/mentoring and law related education. 

Schools continue to be a reflection of the broader community. The presence of Officers on the school campus enhances the perception of safety by students, staff, and the community. The aJleviation of disruption, crime, and violence in the schools, through proactive and preventive interventions, enhances the safe and productive learning environment for our students. 

School resource officers develop and improve relationships with students through mentoring and counseling. This interaction provides a different insight for students into the role of law enforcement in the community. By providing positive role models, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their community as well as promoting and enhancing acceptable social behaviors. 

Through interaction the school resource officer provides guidance and expertise on many topics. In addition they are available to provide trajning and education to teachers, staff, parents, and community organization


Tampa Lewis
Email:tlewis@greensboropd.com & tampa.lewis@greene.k12.ga.us
Phone: 706-453-2271

Celine Andrews
Email:candrews@greensboropd.com & celine.andrews@greene.k12.ga.us
Phone: 706-486-4117

Don Gause
Email:dgause@greensboropd.com & don.gause@greene.k12.ga.us
Phone: 706-453-2271

Jonathan Thomas
Email: Jthomas@greensboropd.com & jonathan.thomas@greene.k12.ga.us
Phone: 706.453.3308

Tramekia West

The Administrative Services Division's goal is to provide essential 
support services efficiently and effectively for all lines of operations throughout the Greensboro Police Department and to the community we serve. The Administrative Services Division supports the overall operation of all of the Divisions of the Police Department. 
Administrative services encompass all aspects of processing and 
maintaining personnel records, finance and budget records, payroll support, grants management, processing and inventory of orders, 
processing fingerprints for the public and for POST employment, 
events permits, community events planning, open records requests, policy and procedures and oversee all custodial duties. The 
Administrative Services Division works directly under the Chief of 
Police and Assistant Chief of Police providing a wide variety of 
secretarial/office support. 

Tramekia West
Phone: 706-453-7555 Ext 29

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How to file a complaint

You can file a complaint if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of police conduct. Some complaints, such as rudeness or disrespect will be handled by the officer's supervisor or Uniform Commander. Complaints deemed to be integrity issues will be handled by Internal Affairs. 

You can come in person to the Greensboro Police Department 
(Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm) 
Telephone: 706-453-7555 
:Upon receipt, your complaint will be reviewed, and you could be contacted. You may be asked to sit for a recorded interview and or provide an additional written statement. 
:The investigator will interview witnesses and involved officers to obtain statements. 
:Information and evidence will be analyzed and a conclusion reached. 
:You will be notified when the complaint process is completed, normally within 30 days. 

Please make your complaint as soon as possible 
If your complaint alleges that police have assaulted you, please seek immediate medical attention and take photographs as soon as possible.  

Greensboro Police

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